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Spiced Ginger Steak with Spring Onions and Potatoes

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The ingredients needed to cook Spiced Ginger Steak with Spring Onions and Potatoes:
  1. Use sirloin steaks, 12 lb each, about 34 inch thick
  2. Take medium sized spring onions
  3. Use large russet potatoes
  4. Prepare minced garlic
  5. Take sea salt
  6. You need freshly ground black peppercorn
  7. Provide freshly grated ginger
  8. You need freshly ground coriander
  9. Provide butter
  10. Use canola oil
  11. Provide bacon for baked potato topping
Instructions to make Spiced Ginger Steak with Spring Onions and Potatoes:
  1. Preheat your oven to 450°F
  2. Wash your potatoes. Cut two slits in each potato about halfway through and pop out the wedges. Set them aside.
  3. Stuff the slots in the potatoes with butter, and replace the wedge.
  4. Wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil, and place directly on the oven rack. Bake them for one hour.
  5. Rinse your steaks, and lightly pat them dry. Make sure to pick steaks that are not too thin, and have the best marble of fat throughout when you're at the supermarket. The better the marble, the better the flavor!
  6. Combine the minced garlic, sea salt, coriander, ginger, and black pepper to make the rub for the steaks.
  7. Rub this mixture onto the steaks generously. If you are a fan of ginger, or would like more coriander, add more!
  8. Preheat a nonstick skillet on medium high heat for a minute or two, with the canola oil inside. While this is heating, cut up your spring onions. - Split the bulbs in halves, or quarters (whichever you prefer) and dice up as much of the greens as you'd like for the baked potato topping. Save the rest of the greens for a later meal (I usually plan nachos in the same week!)
  9. Place your steaks onto the skillet and leave them, moving them as little as possible. Try to only flip them once or twice, as this keeps them juicy, but gives them a nice crispy sear! Cook until your desired color. For a medium well, i let mine cook about 6 minutes each side. - (Although i did check with a meat thermometer afterwards)
  10. Once the steaks are almost finished, add the spring onions to your skillet, and stir them occasionally. They're done once they've blackened a little.
  11. If you are adding bacon to your potatoes, throw it in the pan now! I keep a few slices in the freezer constantly for this purpose. It's much easier to cut into little pieces when it's frozen!
  12. Remove your potatoes from the oven, and after the aluminum cools for a few minutes, remove the foil and garnish the potatoes to your liking. We do cheddar, bacon, sour cream and the greens of the onions. Top your steaks with the fried sprinf onions, and serve!
  13. Enjoy!

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